Boschert Notcher

Boschert notchers offer superior performance, clean cuts and high accuracy.

The machine for notches with a fixed angle of 90°.
Guarantees clean cuts in all sheet thicknesses and high repeatability of the latches. Ideal for one-sided cutting operations. The special design leads to exceptionally long service lives of the knives, even when notched in stainless steel.

Further features of the LB12:

– automat. Cutting gap adjustment
– maintenance-free lubrication system
– integrated overload protection
– extremely quiet

In addition to steel and stainless steel, Boschert notching machines can also decouple plastic and lattice material

Cutting capacity: 225 x 225 x 6 mm steel ST 45 225 x 225 x 4 mm stainless steel

Includes: – strip cutting device with scale and fast adjustment for max. strip size 225 x 225 mm

2 self locking stops with moveable and exchangeable stop bar 300 mm long

2 left and 2 right T-slots with scale parallel to the blades

Plexiglass guard for easy survey

Moveable foot switch

Moveable slug box

1 front stop system consisting of T-slot and scale

2 material hold down

1 year parts warranty only

208/3/60 electrics

CSA electrical certification included