Hydmech DM-10 Band Saws

Hydmech Double Miter Band Saws

QUICK RELEASE CAST-IRON VISE Easily positioned to either left or right side of the head. The vise is operated by means of a rotary handle and features a “quick and easy” adjustment lever for opening and closing the vise for various sizes and shapes of material to be cut.

REPLACEABLE BLADE BRUSH Driven off the blade drive wheel the blade brush keeps the blade gullets clean, helping to maximize blade performance and life.

ROTATING TABLE WITH CUT LINE A rotating table with single cut line allows head and blade groove to move together for smooth, accurate mitering.

These versatile saws save operator set-up time and their compact design makes the DM machines ideal for use in tight working spaces. Cast iron head and vises are designed for rigidity, absorbing vibrations and ensuring accuracy during cutting


  • 60° Mitering in both directions
  • Heavy duty cast iron saw head 
  • 5.5 HP true direct blade drive – no belts/pulleys
  • On-demand hydraulics save energy
  • Quick release, hydraulic cast-iron vise on linear ways
  • Rotating table with cut line
  • Mechanical band tensioning with digital readout
  • Gravity head feed
  • Automatic hydraulic head lifting in semi-automatic mode 
  • Swing away, semi-automatic control
  • Replaceable blade brush
  • Robust steel base • Easy to read angle scale
  • Digital angle display
  • Adjustable guide arm 
  • Replaceable carbide guide inserts
  • Mechanical blade tensioning
  • Safety door interlocks • Flood coolant
  • Mist lubrication
  • Work light
  • Variable vise pressure
  • Idler conveyors

This versatile saw saves operator set-up time and its compact design makes it ideal for use in tight working spaces.

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