Masteel press brake 10′ x 160 ton. used


Has CNC control x and y two axis very simple easy control to work with everything works fine there. Comes with the top gooseneck punch and two multi-v opening dies. you can see from the drawings shows the the openings. The largest opening is two and three eighths of an inch so you should be able to easily Bend quarter inch maybe up to 5 or 6 foot long
They also have cut up top gooseneck punch for making boxes and pans and trays there’s close to 10 ft of that. Most people would not go the full length but most times boxes running 48 in 60 in 96 in 24 in
Facing the front of the press break the left hand cylinder was removed and completely rebuilt. When you look from the backside you’ll see oil spill with absorb all trying to capture it. Prior to that there was no leakage on either cylinder.
The seller is telling me they wouldn’t rate it at 160 tons now but at a lesser tonage how much less nobody has said or knows for sure
They can bend 10 ft of 10 gauge effortlessly with a 1 and 1/4 in bottom die they used to bend 3/8 in shorter lengths and 1/4 in shorter lengths maybe 5 foot or 6 foot long
The Press brake is here in Delta BC they just bought a new Accurpress
They need to move this one out now. If not they will move it over to one side
I asked him how much are they asking he said bring him offers they’re very open and receptive and motivated
Electrics are 440 volt 3-phase 60 HZ 15 horsepower
Still under power right now will probably be removed from power Thursday of this week as a new Accurpress is coming in
Let me know if you have any questions or interest